Call for poster

Submission Deadline
March 31, Saturday, 2018
Submission Guidelines
  • The abstract body should be less than 3,000 characters.
  • Co-authors could be registered up to 10 persons.
  • The abstract must be submitted via email ( with a designated format (Please download here).
  • Category for Abstracts (Poster)
    Select one from category list below.
    1. Physiology in Sleep
    2. Monitoring Sleep
    3. Chronobiology and Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders
    4. Pharmacology
    5. Insomnia
    6. Sleep Disordered Breathing
    7. Sleep and Medical Illness
    8. Sleep and Neurological Disorders
    9. Sleep and Psychiatric Disorders
    10. Disorders Unique to Childhood
    11. Parasomnias
    12. Narcolepsy and Other Somnolence Disorders
    13. Cellular and Animal Study on Sleep.
    14. Epidemiology of Sleep Disorders
    15. Surgical Treatment of Sleep Disorders Breathing
    16. Sleep and Public Health and Safety
    17. Others
  • All abstracts should be ethically appropriate for submission.
  • Every presentation must contain COI disclosure.
  • All abstracts will be reviewed and selected by International and Local Program Committee.
  • If the content infringes upon patients' personal information, informed consent must be obtained from the patient and/or their guardians and the presentation must carefully avoid identifying any individuals. We prohibit presentations that include information, such as hospitalization dates or age that could be used to identify individuals.
  • Travel Grants
    The 9th Meeting of Asian Sleep Research Society (ASRS2018) is pleased to offer travel grants to those whom conditions are met with eligibility criteria.
    [Eligibility Criteria]
  • Applicants must either be a student (graduate student included), resident or fellow.
  • Completed submission of an abstract for poster presentation and be accepted.
  • Applicants must be 35 years of age or younger at the time of the meeting.
  • Meeting Secretariat
    c/o Convention Linkage, Inc.
    2 Sanbancho, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 102-0075, JAPAN
    TEL:+81-03-3263-8688 FAX:+81-03-3263-8693